Matt's Psoriasis Healing Code

Code of Skill and Conduct

Welcome to my advanced psoriasis healing tribe!! It's great that you are making this commitment to your body, mind and spirit. It is time to go deep and heal. I am with you every step of the way, no matter how far the rabbit hole goes! I will be in touch to schedule your call soon. Below is my Community Code.

This Code of Skill and Conduct is meant to ensure your success in healing from chronic 'autoimmune' dis-eases naturally. We do this by mastering skills into a daily practice and sustaining it long-term.

I have a decade of experience myself in building a natural healing practice at home that drives results and gives you back your life. You will reach high levels of health, vitality, power, strength and skill as we train together in our tribe.

I have mastered a unique set of skills that makes me a dream for someone like you. I have crafted a daily routine for you to model based on these priority skills. I will expect that you do your best to bring these skills into your life in a timely fashion. This is based on an honor system.

If we are to truly measure results for each individual, then there must be controlled aspects of the process.

We are in this to become a Warrior. All conversations will be geared towards these skills which cover pure lemon or lime water, juicing, plant foods, probiotics, exercises, lifestyle adjustments, meditation, mindfulness, mind training, stress reduction, emotional trauma release, energy flowing, spirit building and body healing. Covering all of these dynamics on the path is what it takes to build a new healthy Self.

This is a healing lifestyle. A life free of the shackles of chronic symptoms. A Powerful Life that you are the Master of. This transcends chronic illness into every piece of your being. You will be better for it. Psoriasis became an excellent teacher, when I finally became a willing student on October 7th, 2012.

We will focus on cause and effect as a baseline approach to all topics.

You will be able to tell me what topics you want me to cover. I will create a post for each specific topic and keep the discussion up to date and add new information we come across. I will be adding "hacks" to the Tribe Files, which will contain links to products and resources per each topic we cover.

This will keep our natural healing warriors tribe comprehensible for new students coming in to make steady progress. They can easily read Warrior Journals to build on and Skills to work on. Remember, more discussion can be posted anytime you like in the main PHW group, which will garner a large audience typically.

Skill (What you need to get and do):

  1. A BPA-free plastic or glass container to use as your water bottle
  2. Purest water source possible. Use a filter if tap water is used. Seek out possible delivery service.
  3. A juicer. This one is very affordable and gets the job done -
  4. Plant & soil based living probiotics (Click here to get them now.)
  5. Access to fruits and vegetables, organic if possible when you eat the skin, stems or leaves.
  6. 30-60 minutes of "me" time daily to work on developing skills and building your natural healing practice
  7. Remove, and avoid all exposure to pesticides, herbicides and all unused conventional chemicals. Replace with natural cleaners. Vinegar and water cleans most all surfaces, even glass!
  8. Get these organic spices to add to all meals and mixes; italian aromatic seasonings (oregano, rosemary, thyme, sage, basil), turmeric, cilantro flakes, atlantic dulse (seaweed flakes), Celtic sea salt, Himalayan pink salt,
  9. Complete my survey here -

Conduct (How you need to act and lead):

  1. Be considerate and compassionate to other students at all times
  2. Help other students who are working on skills you have mastered
  3. Add all updates of your journey to Your Warrior Journal. This is your master post in the tribe to share your story, updates, challenges, progress, pictures, questions and ideas. It will help others find and read your full story as well. You can keep your Warrior Journal private if you like. I just need to see updates and proof that you are keeping one.
  4. Read all core posts before posting or commenting. These posts will be marked.
  5. For a topic that already has it's post, add your additions to the topic as comments, do not make a new post.
  6. No private messages to other students that are off topic or unwanted.
  7. Choose at least 4 other warriors to build your "tribe". This can be based on relation points, physical location and other common grounds you share. Begin a group chat in your preferred messaging app to stay in touch as accountability partners.
  8. Help us moderate the main PHW support group and help lead thousands toward natural healing.
  9. Give this practice at least 12 months before you critique it with your mind. Measure your results closely using recorded or written notes, pictures, video, whichever you like. A good adage is to give the body one month to heal for every year you have been sick, not just with psoriasis, but chronic sickness in general.
  10. Required reading - Liver Rescue
  11. Required reading - The Good Gut

I will be funding my advanced natural healing warriors tribe through Patreon. I will have more information on that for you later, but it will open us up to many amazing experiences, such as live retreats together! This will allow me to spend most all of my time running the advanced tribe and helping each Warrior heal deeply. I will also spend time doing outreach and raising awareness of Psoriasis sufferers out there, and turn them into Warriors.

I will be packing in immense amounts of value, information, inspiration, and coaching into my advanced tribe. I love teaching and coaching, and I feel that is where I most excel. I will be doing schedule Facebook Live and YouTube Stream videos. I will also be rolling out a podcast as well. I am scheduling interviews with other Natural Healing Warriors and experts across many fields to shed more light and share more testimonies.

I look forward to helping you heal. I have been through hell and high water to heal from Psoriasis naturally and entirely. You will benefit from that experience and dodge a lot of bullets that I did not. You will miss a lot of the mistakes I made.

Most importantly, you will not waste any time or money and get real results.

You are entering this space to heal naturally and totally. It will not be easy. It may very well be the hardest challenge of your life. I know it has been mine. Everything is temporary, Psoriasis will end, and we will move on. You will be better for it because natural healing transcends the skin, the body, the mind, the spirit. It brings them all together in balance and harmony.

Welcome to your Journey.