Natural Plant-Based Medicine Remedies For Psoriasis

These are the Psoriasis remedies I use to heal.
(In order of importance)

Last Updated: November 14th, 2019:  

Psoriasis is just the tip of the iceberg. It's on the skin, but not due to a skin issue. All of the remedies I link here I use myself and they are for healing the body, which will then clear the skin. The gut, bowel, lymph and other systems need repair. Keep your blade sharp and your mind open!

Plant & Soil Based Probiotics help heal Psoriasis:

(Click here to read my research article on probiotics for psoriasis.)

These specific plant and soil based probiotics which live on plants and around their roots in the soil, are a major piece to my natural healing puzzle. I'm noticing general health improvements, beyond just my skin improving.

  1. Probiotics (Plant and Soil Based Organisms) | Click here to order -  They are bacteria that produce metabolic enzymes as a byproduct. These metabolic enzymes are crucial in removing harmful cells and influencing immune system function while also healing the inflamed gut wall. Metabolic enzymes are produced by the body, and perform various other important functions throughout the body such as cell tissue repair, waste cleanup, and even destruction of harmful cells. They are resilient and make it past the stomach acid intact. They are in low numbers in the gut, so they are more influential and colonize quickly upon arrival. These plant based probiotics are cultured specifically for relieving chronic inflammatory conditions, in our case Psoriasis. It's a tasteless liquid you take in the morning after your 1st liter of pure lemon water and before your morning celery juice. This is the #1 most important supplement as you continue or begin your natural healing journey!To save money, you can order more at once and use these coupon codes during checkout:

    3-Pack: PHW3PACK (10% Discount)
    6-Pack: PHW6PACK (15% Discount)
    9-pack: PHW9PACK (20% Discount)

    For international Warriors, set up a free account with

    MyUS will give you an address in the USA to ship to. They then notify you when it is received and ship the package on to your home country address! You can then order probiotics and use the US shipping address you get. This saves money and time.

    There are many testimonials at the bottom of that page you can read to see others' experiences and results, which are incredible! This is the only supplement you need to invest in and stick to everyday in my experience.

    Here are the strains included in an enzyme-enriched substrate: (Click here to get a 24-page Probiotic Healer's Guide absolutely free!)

    1. ​Lactobacillus intestinalis
    2. Lactobacillus Gasseri
    3. Lactobacillus Reuteri
    4. Lactobacillus Animalis
    5. Clostridium sp
    6. Blautia sp
    7. Mobilitalea sibirica
    8. Sediminibacterium
    9. Bacteroides acidifaciens
    10. Barnesiella sp
    11. Parabacteroides sp
  2. Topical Probiotics Mist | click here to order - Ozona makes a mist spray, which influences the microbiota on the skin directly balancing it out. This has been working very well for me too. I have used it on my face, ears, scalp line, neck, arms, legs, ALL over with great success 2x per day. It's easy to apply and dries quickly. I strongly suggest it working in conjunction with the internal liquid probiotics to maximize results quickly!! Keep a bottle at home, in the car and at work! Click here to order
  3. Probiotics Shampoo | click here to order - It is all natural and organic, and has lemon and mint essential oils for extra cleansing and a pleasant scent. It is REALLY helping my scalp and face. I rinse my hair well, then I apply it generously to my scalp and face. I let that stay on for about 5 minutes while I wash the rest of my body. Then rinse lightly. Click here to order

Other important supplements:

  1. B12 (adenosylcobalamin with methylcobalamin) - This is the most important vitamin. B12 is the methylation vitamin, it is used by the liver to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream. This enhances all plant foods you add to the diet. We are what we absorb. The plant and soil probiotics above also produce B12 as a byproduct.
  2. Zinc (liquid zinc sulfate) - Zinc is depleted quickly on chronic inflammation state and is necessary to healing process. It is hard to find in whole plant foods, so I supplement.
  3. Magnesium (glycinate) - Magnesium is depleted quickly on chronic inflammation state and is necessary to healing process. It is hard to find in whole plant foods, so I supplement.
  4. Atlantic Dulse flakes - Sprinkle on guacamole, hummus, salads, meals. This seaweed is very good at eliminating heavy metals from the body.
  5. Liquid Chlorophyll (paraben free)
  6. Saccharomyces Boulardii
  7. Dr Ohhira's Professional Formula Probiotics
  8. Colloidal Silver Water - (I use this every other day at most.) - I get it from my herbalist Ray Oostdyk in Roanoke, VA, call him to order.
  9. Wild Greens | Click here to order - This is a power-packed source of phytonutrients for overall health,
    cleansing the liver and the blood, this is where clearing the skin begins! The goal of Wild Greens was to create a high quality green food product that consistently worked with a vast majority of patients. The herbs needed to be nutritive without being overtly medicinal so they could be consumed daily and nourish the body with a therapeutic dose of nutraceuticals and phytochemicals. The contents are a blend of nettle, chickweed, Siberian lettuce, dandelion leaf, and couchgrass.
  10. Vitamin D3 - This is a vital hormone for immune function, manufactured by the body with sun exposure. When sunlight is difficult to obtain year round, supplementing Vitamin D3 (along with magnesium as a cofactor), can work ok. Nothing beast getting some sensible sunlight here and there on the skin.

Hemp CBD (cannabidiol) supplements & topicals heal Psoriasis:

The skin has it's own ECS (endocannabinoid system) which has receptors that are activated by cannabinoids. There are very interesting studies and trials showing the efficacy of CBD on the ECS in healing Psoriasis and other chronic skin issues.  CBD benefits the nervous system and immune system directly and quickly. This brings instant relief to itching, pain, redness and reduces inflammation fast.

CBD will take a little while to activate the ECS' receptors. As this happens, I have experienced a lot of positive benefits. I have noticed MUCH less anxiety, incredible pain relief, less itching/scratching, better sleep, balanced moods, less impulsive, more relaxed, shaking in hands and feet is gone, and of course, the inflammation on my skin going way down, awesome stuff.

Quality is everything, so look for manufacturers who are cold-processing the whole plant which ensures that the CBD (cannabidiol) remedies are fully-laced with all the most beneficial cannabinoids and other compounds, including natural terpenes. It’s what they call Full Spectrum, and it’s designed to provide outstanding results. These products also contain NO or virtually no THC, which is the compound that creates the "high".

I use a battery to heat CBD oil and breathe it in, also known as vaping. I discuss this is in my most recent breakdown video. I find it a great way to bring in a consistent flow of CBD in a highly absorbable way.

  1. Castor Oil (cold pressed)  | Castor Oil Organic Organic Highest Quality
  2. Organic Coconut-based Lotion
  3. Essential Oils Diffuser - Bring healing in through aromatherapy and leave a pleasant scent all throughout your home.  You add a few drops of essential oils and fill with filtered water, then turn it on for hours to clean the air, kill off mold and mildew and breathe in deep every time you walk by.
  4. Angel Juicer Pro - This is an incredible machine. It's very expensive but is in a league of it's own and will last forever. I got one as a gift, which is the only reason I have one. If you have money to spend, this is a worthy investment. I have used it for almost five years, it continues right along as new.
  5. Hamilton Beach Juicer - Very affordable and durable juicer. I used this one for over 2 years, 100s of juices, never broke down.
  6. Nutribullet Magic Bullet Blender - Very affordable and durable blender. Very easy to clean, have a nutritious smoothie ready in 5 minutes.
  7. Celtic Sea Salt and Himalayan Pink Salt - dissolve a pinch in water for trace minerals or sprinkle on food.


Add some raw honey and cinnmamon for taste and more healing.

  1. Burdock Root
  2. Dandelion Root
  3. Nettle Leaf
  4. Lemon Balm
  5. Liver Detox
  6. Skin Detox
  7. Berry Detox
  8. Raspberry Leaf
  9. Rose Hips
  10. Ginger
  11. Peppermint

Detoxification & Cleansing - The following are three powder supplements and 2 essential oil blends I use to help the body eliminate heavy toxins, such as heavy metals, bromide, fluoride, chlorine, mycotoxins, endotoxins, neurotoxins, radiation, DDT, herbicides, pesticides, Roundup (glyphosate), and biofilms. These supplements are based on Dr. Michael Lebowitz's work. I read his research and work with him closely, click here to read through his website:
  1. Camu | Click here to order - Camu fruit contains the 2nd highest concentration of bioavailable vitamin C in the world, which is known as the detox vitamin. It opens up the lymph pathways and helps the body detoxify. It's also very anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and removes heavy metals. Studies have shown it to be extremely anti-inflammatory, boosts one immune system, and has anti-viral effects. Many people take Camu as a cold/flu preventative in the fall and take high doses immediately at the onset of a cold.
  2. Takesumi | Click here to order - This is carbonized bamboo, which has been used by the Japenese for centuries to heal the body. It is very good at chelation (binding and eliminating heavy toxins from the body.) It is tasteless, is very soft, with no side effects, stir 2 scoops in a cup of water and drink in the morning on empty stomach.
  3. BFB-1 Essential Oil Blend | Click here to order - This specific blend of essential oils is very effective at breaking down biofilms (aka bacterial sludge) that pathogens build and hide in. Biofilms can cause tough chronic issues that can remain perpetual if this isn't dealt with in some cases, including my own. I rub a drop into the sole of each foot, thumbs, and behind the earlobe 1-2x daily. I also use a diffuser and breathe in essential oils in my room while I sleep, and around the house as well. I have just finished my 1st bottle of BFB-1 and will now go to BFB-2 as Dr. Michael Lebowitz suggests. He has a lot of research and patient studies that I have read through on his website.
  4. BFB-2 Essential Oil Blend | Click here to order - I plan to use this blend next, to mix it up with BFB-1 above. It's a different set of oils that are also very effective and clearing out biofilms and disrupting "quorum sensing" which is a method pathogens use to communicate with each other. I apply the same way as above, I plan to alternate these 2 essential oil blends, 2-3 bottles per year.

The following anti-microbial herbal supplements and essential oils are excellent for helping the body eliminate infections, biofilms, Candida and cysts. I use these in cycles, probably three times per year along with the three powders I mentioned above. These supplements are based on Dr. Michael Lebowitz's work. I read his research and work with him closely, click here to read through his website:
  1. Morinda (Noni) | Click here to order - Morinda, aka "Noni" is a broad spectrum antimicrobial, an effective anti-inflammtory and promotes a healthy immune system. Morinda Citrifolia has been reported to help in a plethora of issues. It has been shown to be immune system modulating, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, a strong antimicrobial and to enhance cognitive abilities, etc. While it has many beneficial properties it is most widely used for it’s antimicrobial and immune modulating properties, and is used by thousands of doctors across the world for this purpose. This is key to reversing autoimmune dis-ease, Psoriasis.
  2. Smilax | Click here to order - Smilax has been used in central and south American for hundreds of years traditionally prescribed for the following conditions: psoriasis, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, detoxification, hormone regulation, and as a general tonic and blood purifier. It has also historically been used to treat syphilis, gonorrhea, and other STD’s since at least the early 1800’s as well as for leptospirosis. One of the most unique components of Smilax is how it contains sarsaponin, which has been found to be an effective endotoxin binder. This means it removes the byproduct toxins of pathogens in the body. This reduce the immune response to those toxins and reducdes inflammation.
  3. Golden Thread | Click here to order - This is a broad spectrum antimicrobial (virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite) providing liver and gallbladder support. Golden Thread contains berberine, the component that gives goldenseal, coptis, and oregon grape root their yellow/gold color, bitter taste and some of their therapeutic effects. In China it has been used to treat infantile dysentery, Trichomoniasis, diphtheria, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, tonsillitis, eczema/psoriasis, type II diabetes and ventricular extra systole. Many people find it works great for acute and chronic infections.


Click here to view and print my Shopping Sheet for foods to eat, things to avoid, herbs and supplements to consider.

Eat as much fruits during the day, try juicing and water fasting during the day sometimes. The less the body needs to digest solids, the more it can focus on elimination and healing, the faster you heal! Remember this is not permanent, just as long as it takes to get well.

  1. Wild Blueberries (frozen)
  2. Celery (12-16oz juiced in the morning on empty stomach)
  3. Ginger root
  4. Garlic
  5. Turmeric
  6. Sweet Potato
  7. Leafy Greens
  8. - Spinach
  9. - Romaine
  10. - Red Leaf
  11. - Butter Leaf
  12. - Green Leaf
  13. Sprouts
  14. Papaya
  15. Figs
  16. Nettle Leaf (tea / alcohol-free tincture)
  17. Burdock Root (tea / alcohol-free tincture)
  18. Lemons/Limes
  19. Berries
  20. - Blackberries
  21. - Raspberries
  22. Cruciferous Veggies
  23. - Broccoli
  24. - Cabbage
  25. - Kale
  26. - Cauliflower
  27. Cucumber
  28. Cilantro
  29. Aloe Vera
  30. Parsley
  31. Cucumber
  32. Red Clover
  33. Mushrooms (Chaga, Shiitake, Button, Cordyceps, etc)
  34. --- Psoriatic Arthritis ----------------------
    1. Ginger root
    2. Garlic
    3. Sweet Potato
    4. Cat's Claw (alcohol-free tincture)
    5. Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Oregano, Basil
    6. Radishes
    7. Licorice Root (alcohol-free tincture)
    8. Rose Hips (tea / alcohol-free tincture)
    9. Lemons/Limes
    10. Kiwis
  35. ---------------------------------------------------
  36. Cherries
  37. Oranges/Tangerines
  38. Dandelion (tea / alcohol-free tincture)
  39. Red Apples
  40. Avocados
  41. Black Grapes
  42. Melons (Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Honeydew)
  43. Cranberries
  44. Dates
  45. Onions
  46. Lemon Balm (tea / alcohol-free tincture)
  47. Apricots
  48. Asparagus
  49. Pears
  50. Bananas
  51. Mangoes
  52. Atlantic Seaweed (Kelp, Dulse, Spirulina)
  53. Raspberry Leaf Tea
  54. Pomegranates
  55. Artichokes
  56. Coconut
  57. Raw Wildflower Honey
  58. Skullcap (alcohol-free tincture)
  59. Butternut Squash
  60. Beets
  61. Carrots
  62. Quinoa
  63. Wild Rice
  64. Hemp Seeds
  65. Pumpkin Seeds
  66. Raw Almonds
  67. Himalayan Pink Salt
  68. Celtic Sea Salt
  69. Olive Oil cold-pressed
  70. Avocado Oil cold-pressed
  71. Apple Cider Vinegar
  72. Hummus (NO canola oil)

Top 10 Herbs to use all the time

  1. Cilantro (coriander)
  2. Garlic
  3. Ginger
  4. Parsley
  5. Thyme
  6. Rosemary
  7. Basil
  8. Sage
  9. Turmeric
  10. Cinnamon

Things To Avoid & Minimize

  1. heavy metals (copper, mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum etc)
  2. pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate ("Roundup")
  3. radiation
  4. white refined sugars, corn syrups, sugar-free substitutes, refined honey (I use raw unfiltered honey, it's strong anti-viral)
  5. GMO products
  6. canola oil (it is hidden in "blends" in lots of products and restaurants)
  7. dairy products (try ghee, coconut milk or almond milk, use goat or low-fat feta cheeses)
  8. alcohol
  9. tobacco
  10. conventional wheat products (get organic and ancient grains)
  11. conventional corn & soy products (get organic, gmo-free corn chips, tortillas, etc, avoid GMOs and herbicides)!!
  12. "natural flavors" you don't know source of
  13. conventional household chemicals
  14. fluoride, bromide, chlorine
  15. immunosuppressants
  16. antihistamines
  17. OTC painkillers
  18. antacids
  19. junk, processed, fast, fried foods
  20. conventional pork
  21. conventional eggs (go pasture-raised, cage-free)
  22. conventional red meat products (go local or grass fed)
  23. canned tuna or other canned meats or foods
  24. nightshades if you are sensitive to them*
  25. use of aluminum foil for storing and cooking foods
  26. antibiotics (unless emergency situation, be sure to use these probiotics during and after done
  27. electromagnetic toxins (don't charge your cellphone or other devices right next to your body while you sleep, no screens in the dark, no laptops on your lap. Don't sleep with your devices.)
  28. get all conventional household chemicals you don't use out of your house
  29. Be sure to check your house for mold. You can use cedar oil and borax mixtures to kill mold back. Do NOT use anti-fungals
    ­White potatoes
    Goji berries
    ­Pepino melons
    ­Cayenne pepper

I eat potatoes and spicy peppers occassionally. Now that my stomach is strong, I can better digest and eliminate things.


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MINIMIZE (the less you eat of this stuff, the faster you will heal)

  • PORK

It is all about C.O.W.S. (Chlorophyll, Oils, Water, Salts) as a big part of your daily Psoriasis diet.


Healing Foods are important but the LIQUIDS will cure you. What I suggest here transcends diet. This is herbal medicine for reversing causes of Psoriasis. Do what you can, as you can, slowly build things into your practice.