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My guest in episode 5 is Linda Gaylord Mudd, a Life Coach and Certified Accredited EFT Practitioner. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, a profound practice of saying affirmations while tapping on meridian points in the body to release damaging emotional blockages and heal deeply.

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This is crucial during these most challenging times in all of our life experiences. We are all emotionally responding to existential and social crises across the world.

America is fighting for it’s soul.

Self-reflection, how we talk to and treat ourselves will project outward into our behavior and perceptions of others.

Unity and Love through Awareness and Healing. ❤

Linda and I met through my Psoriasis Healing Warriors group and have been warrior friends for many years.

She helped me immensely through the causes and effects that were driving psoriasis symptoms and stress in my life. Everything is interconnected, traumas, injuries, illnesses, stresses, all of which have overlapping causes and effects.

Practicing EFT with a diligent guide like Linda can help us see these intersections and alleviate the self-caused traps that keep us stuck in sickness.

You can walk with Linda and find out more about her EFT coaching offerings on her website She can help you create a passionate life.

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