My new podcast interview with Hanna Sillitoe, Author of Radiant, is live and ready to listen to! Press play below:

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My guest in episode 6 is one of the OGs, Original Gangstas, the first Warrior I ran into on the barren digital streets of the online healing world back in 2012, EIGHT YEARS AGO.

She is the radiant Hanna Sillitoe. Hanna is an Alchemist and Author with magical powers to transform chronic Sufferers into Healing Warriors with her delicate touch. She shines on people, and in that light, they see their own true power & vibrant reflection, as they bask in her example.

She has inspired thousands to take control of their health and wellbeing. Her vision is to help millions, to help humanity, one human at a time. What is more human? Hanna is a SuperHero in my life story.

Her book Radiant is helping thousands heal from psoriasis, acne, eczema and much more. Get your copy now at

Follow her on Instagram @mygoodnessrecipes and visit her website for many healing recipes and stories at

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